Dr. Kamal Dutta provides comprehensive gynecologic care from adolescence through menopause. It is important to partner with a sensitive and skilled gynecologist who can monitor your health and diagnose and treat gynecologic conditions at every stage of life.

Some of the additional services provided include annual well woman exams, contraceptive counseling, vaccination against the human papilloma virus, management of painful or irregular menses, endometriosis, treatment of pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Dr. Dutta also provides extensive operative gynecologic services, offering both in-office and hospital-based procedures with a focus on non-invasive and minimally invasive therapies.

In-office procedures include endometrial biopsy, colposcopy, leep electrosurgical excision procdure, cryosurgery, endometrial ablation, incision-free hysteroscopic tubal ligation (Essure), Interstim Therapy for urinary control and dilation and curettage. Procedures such as advanced laparoscopy, hysterectomy and vulvar and vaginal restorative and reconstructive procedures are performed at Hackensack University Medical Center and Advanced Surgery Center of Clifton.

Well-Woman Care

Fostering wellness through regular exams.

If you suffer from menstrual disorders such as heavy, painful periods, Dr. Dutta will diagnosis the cause of the problem and determine the best treatment option. Alternatives include NovaSure, a simple one-time endometrial ablations treatment for women who are finished with childbearing. The procedure uses energy to remove the lining of the uterus. It takes only a few minutes, and recovery is quick and easy. No incision. No hormones.

Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the cause of problems.

Dr. Dutta is specially trained and equipped to perform the following leading-edge diagnostic tests and therapies:
  • Hysteroscopy – a small telescope inserted inside the uterus collects video images of the lining of the uterus to identify the cause of abnormal bleeding or infertility or discover growths in the uterus. Hysteroscopy also can be used to treat abnormal uterine bleeding and uterine fibroids and polyps.
  • Laparoscopy – A video camera inserted through the naval or a small incision in the lower abdomen produces images of the abdominal area.
  • LEEP – Loop electrosurgical excision procedure is a simple and virtually painless outpatient procedure to remove abnormal cells found on the surface of the cervix for a pathologist to review.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Laparoscopic surgeries to minimize pain & scarring
Dr. Dutta is trained to perform many gynecologic procedures through the naval or a small incision in the lower abdomen. These laparoscopic procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. There’s little or no scarring and pain, and most women enjoy a quick recovery.


Find the birth control option that’s right for you
There are now more birth control options than ever before. The secret is finding the one that fits your lifestyle. We can help you through the maze of information and products, from pills to rings to IUDs to tubal ligation.

Dr. Dutta wrote the book “A Simple Guide to Birth Control” in 2002 and regularly lectures about this subject.

Choosing a contraceptive
Find the birth control method that’s right for you, whether you plan to have more children or your family is complete. Options include traditional birth control pills, pills that reduce the frequency of your periods, IUDs or permanent methods such as tubal ligation.


Need help managing menopause?
Hot flashes, lack of sleep and other menopause symptoms can disrupt your life but lifestyle changes, medications and supplement or short-term, low-dose hormone replacement therapy can help you through this trying time. Don’t neglect your health or suffer heavy bleeding, pelvic pain or menopause symptoms. Call our office for a convenient appointment.

Our comprehensive care includes a variety of services along with the treatment of many common conditions. You can schedule an appointment for a private consultation also.

Adolescent/Pediatric Gynecology Annual Gynecological Exams
Breast Health Contraception/Family Planning
Ectopic Pregnancy Endometriosis
Infertility Menopause
Menstrual Irregularities Osteoporosis
Ovarian Cysts Over Active Bladder/Urinary Urgency
Pap Smears/Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
Pelvic Pain Premenstrual Syndrome
Prolapsed vagina/bladder Sexual Dysfunction
Sexually Transmitted Infections Urinary Incontinence
Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)/Cystitis Uterine Fibroids
Vaginal Discharge Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology

Meet the Doctor

dr. kamal dutta
Dr. Kamal Dutta practices in Hackensack University Medical Center and at Ruby General Hospital, India where he takes care of many international patients.Read more...

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